After working for fifteen years in the development of multiple companies, in training and consulting role, the founders of TenStep Quebec and TenStep Maritimes, Michel Chassat and Janie Pelletier, discovered the TenStep methodology, they experienced it then they integrated it into their practice recognizing its advantages.

Nearly a decade later, nothing of the methodology escapes them. They master the methodology and customize it as needed, they teach it and they share it to allow the Company to reap the greatest benefits.

TenStep Quebec and TenStep Maritimes are today a team of experienced managers and trainers of TenStep methodologies, able to intervene in the Company to assist in its management and its projects, to transfer TenStep skills by training or coaching, to provide mentoring as long as the company feel the need.


TenStep Quebec and TenStep Maritimes are also the exclusive sales representatives in Quebec, in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, accredited by TenStep Inc.

While your staff can learn to use the methodology without help, if your company acquires TenStep methodology, it will save time and energy by joining TenStep Quebec or TenStep Maritimes to implement it. Benefit from our experience to accelerate the implementation process, and to train and support your staff the time it takes to get a clear understanding.