During more than 25 years of professional services in project management, human resource and process management, the American Tom Mochal from Atlanta succeeded to systematize practices. He dreamed to write them to share with as many companies as possible.

In 2000, he start working to develop a rigorous methodology in ten steps, each completed by itself, independent of the other but complementary to them. Each step is systematic, adaptable to any size of company and project. Processes are clearly defined, simple, and clear.

Today TenStep specializes in consulting and training in business methodologies.

We help organizations implement their goals and strategies through the successful execution of projects. This includes successfully implementing solid project management practices, setting up and running Project Management Offices (PMOs) establishing portfolio management processes, Strategic Planning and much more. Organizations can utilize our full range of consulting services and our extensive curriculum of training classes.

Our services are, in turn, grounded on a set of methodology products covering project management, PMOs, portfolio management, development lifecycle and more. We can also support other purchased methodologies or those that have been developed in-house.

International companies can use us to deliver a consistent set of products and services almost anywhere in the world through our global network of over 50 offices supporting over 25 languages.


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