SupportStep Application Support Framework™ Overview

The purpose of the SupportStep Application Support Framework is to showcase a common set of processes, best practices, and templates that can be used to build and run the application support function consistently throughout the company. SupportStep provides value to your company in the following areas.

  • Sets an overall direction and destination that all support groups can strive to achieve.
  • Establishes a common set of terms and a framework for thinking that can be used consistently throughout the company. This helps facilitate communication and reduces the chances for confusion.
  • Provides a set of management practices that can be used consistently to proactively manage resources and align the work to ensure it supports business initiatives.
  • Creates a common and consistent set of measurements for internal process improvements and for external reporting to the clients.
  • Facilitates training and cross-training, since the knowledge and skills of how you do support work is consistent from one area to another.
  • Encourages organizational horizontal planning across multiple groups since each group is using common terms and a common support framework.

In many companies, the place to start evaluating your support function is through a formal organizational definition. Depending on the size of your company, the formal definition could be at the company, division, department, group, or team level. This process helps you think through and gain agreement on the fundamental nature of your organization. Examples of the types of information that could be included in the organizational definition would be mission, vision, strategy, and principles. It is also important to define who your clients are.

Once you have the foundation provided by an organization assessment, you can look at your support organization to determine the best way for them to be managed and to operate effectively. SupportStep helps to define a common business model that can be used as a starting point. The various areas SupportStep covers include:

  • Definition
  • Organizing for Basic Support
    • Activities
    • Applications
    • Clients
    • Team
    • Processes
    • How to Measure
  • Management
  • Miscellaneous
  • Related Topics