ProgramStep™ Program Management Process Overview

The ProgramStep™ Program Management Process (“ProgramStep”) will help program managers successfully manage programs of all kinds. ProgramStep provides the information you need to be a successful program manager, including a step-by-step approach, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for your particular program.

A program is designed to manage a group of related projects in a way that provides benefits and control not available by managing each project individually and independently. ProgramStep is a methodology for organizing and managing work as a program. It is flexible and scalable so that it can be applied to programs of all kinds. The overall ProgramStep model is as follows:


There are a number of items that must be validated to ensure that the program is ready to start. This includes ensuring the Business Case is still valid, initial funding is available and a program sponsor and manager are assigned.


The work for planning the program includes:

  • Defining the program
  • Building the program schedule
  • Building the program budget

After you have completed this work you gain approval for all of your major deliverables. This will include the Program Charter and Program Management Plan.


The program is ready to proceed to execution. For a program this means that the underlying projects are approved to start. While the projects are executing the program manager manages the overall program. This includes the following.

  • Manage schedule
  • Manage budget
  • Manage issues
  • Manage scope
  • Manage communication
  • Manage risk
  • Manage human resources
  • Manage quality
  • Manage procurement
  • Manage stakeholders
  • Manage governance

The program management processes continue as long as there are projects executing within the program.


At some points the projects within the program will all be completed. At that point the program will come to a formal close.