TenStep PB Framework™ Overview

TenStep PB Framework™ (TenStep PB) contains the content of two powerful products. The first is the TenStep® Project Management Process. This complete, scalable project management methodology contains all you need to be a successful project manager, including processes, techniques, best practices, templates and training content. The TenStep process model consists of two up-front planning steps - defining the project and building the workplan. There are then eight additional processes that are used to manage the project, including managing the workplan, issues, scope, communications, risk, documentation, quality and metrics. The lower of the ten steps are applicable in some form to all projects, while the processes on the higher steps may only be applicable to larger or more complex projects.

The second product represented is the PMBOK® Guide. The Project Management Institute (PMI) has created a standard framework for how to think about project management. This framework is represented in their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). The PMBOK® Guide does not represent a methodology. It is a model that describes the various knowledge areas that PMI thinks are important for project managers to understand to be successful on projects. The knowledge areas are made up of processes which in turn can be tied together into higher level process groups (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing). The PMBOK® Guide contains inputs, outputs and techniques (typically definitions, not how-to's) that are important for project managers to know.

TenStep PB Framework™ combines the TenStep Project Management Process with the PMBOK® Guide to create a new product that can be used to manage your projects. This product contains all of the detailed information from the TenStep Project Management Process mapped into the PMBOK® Guide. This resulting product is a great choice for companies that want the clear, detailed content of the TenStep Project Management process, but prefer to align their overall project management model to the PMBOK® Guide.

To see the general mapping of the TenStep Project Management Process to the PMBOK® Guide, visit webpage A6.1 on the main www.TenStep.com website.